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lo·go me·chan·ics.

Logo Repair

Logo repair, rendering & formatting services. The Logo Mechanics can take your jagged, pixelated design art & create pristine vector files & raster formats. To repair your logo, our designers take your ‘diamond in the rough’ artwork – be it blurry digital images or a hard copy printed version – and clean it up manually using professional design software to create a vector based source file. As we’re logo perfectionists at our studio, we opt for hand rendering each and every time – while tracing ‘by hand’ takes longer than automatic solutions, we’ve always found auto tracing images through software to be unpredictable and unable to create ‘clean’ files. Once we have this vector based version of your logo, we can create bitmap based images, .JPGs and .PNGs. for example, at any size and at any resolution. Vector files are practically required for print.

Logo Mechanics

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