PNG Logo Files

Option of transparent backgrounds. Small file sizes. Universal web image format.

Pronounced: pee·en·gee

PNG files are used for your website (and can be also added to documents produced by office software applications.) PNG is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics.


Can feature transparent backgrounds.
Entire image can be made transparent by percentages to allow background to show through.
Small file size for fast download.
Color accuracy.
Web standard image handled by all modern browsers, tablets and smartphones.
Can be inserted into some office software applications.


End use file. Cannot be edited easily.
Cannot be enlarged beyond 100% of original image size or pixels will be visible and your logo will appear pixelated or “blurry.”
Not applicable for offset print.
May not be appropriate for photographs (or highly complex blended, glossy logos) depending on how complicated and detailed the color palette is. Some areas may band.


PNGs are bitmap (raster/pixel based) image formats that were created to replace GIF images on on the internet and electronic applications. PNG colors are palette-based (8 bit, 24 bit RGB or 32 bit RGBA colors), greyscale, RGB, or RGBA. The higher the bit rate, the larger the file size with increased download time. 32 bit images are not recommended for most website applications. The PNG format was created specifically for use on websites and in browser based e-mail and cannot be used in traditional offset printing (PNG formats do not support either spot color or CMYK four color spaces.) When using JPG images, there are some issues with certain colors previewing correctly (reds are particularly bad for this) and using a PNG format can fix that nicely.

Transparent backgrounds. Use on any color or background.

The above diagram illustrates the properties of a PNG file:
1) The ability to have a transparent background.
2) The ability to “sit on” an background of any color.
3) The ability to “sit on” a photograph or texture, and allow the photograph or texture to show through the “holes” in your logo.
4) We can even make the image itself semi-transparent so the the background it’s “sitting on” can show through. Handy for watermarks and branding accents using your logo.

PNG logo files vs. other formats.

PNG logo images are superior to other pixel based formats as they employ a ‘lossless’ data compression system and remain very color accurate, especially with flat color areas (though complex gradients can band with this format.) A PNG formatted logo is advantageous over a JPG version as JPGs do not feature transparency but require a solid background color for a ‘bounding box’ and for your logo to “sit on.”

PNGs are a superior alternative to GIF images which do feature transparency, but sacrifice a substantial amount of image integrity to do so. Other than GIF animations, GIF images are largely redundant. PNG format also features Alpha Channel Transparency (the ability to turn off the complete background surrounding a logo image, or to make the image transparent to various levels ie: drop shadows) which is more adaptable than Index Transparency (the option to turn one color off).

Earlier versions of Microsoft Explorer had some issues with previewing PNGS with a Alpha Channel transparent background, but that has been addressed in newer editions. About 90% of the images featured on our website are in PNG format. It’s estimated that upwards of 80% of logo images on the internet are in PNG format.

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