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lo·go me·chan·ics.

1. Noun. The branch of mechanics that deals with the technical application of logos and brand identities into marketing media, using professional formats, concepts and universal design standards.

2. Noun. Plural. People who fix and repair logos.

The Logo Factory

the-logo-factory-mechanics-logoLogo Mechanics is an ongoing project of The Logo Factory Inc., a design studio that specializes in developing logos and brand identities for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. It’s something we’ve been doing since 1996 and over those years, our designers have run into similar questions from many clients, mostly in regards to using the branding assets we had designed for them, in their own day-to-day operations. Mostly “what kind of file do I use for what?” kind of questions, but also how to deal with vendors and suppliers who needed access to certain formats and setups to do their thing.

Common Branding Issues

We came to realize that such inquiries were common for anyone who had, at one point, used the services of a designer or studio to create their logo, but had undertaken managing their brand final-corrected-logoassets internally, using readily available office software, utilities and applications. Many software applications are marketed to business owners as “anyone can design professional material using our software” and in some cases that’s true (others, not so much) but even if true, requires a moderate level of understanding of terms that up to now, only designers have needed to know. These concepts are often quite complex in nature, difficult to understand in the language of people who are familiar with them.

Unraveling The Complex

It occurred to us that somebody needed to formulate all the jargon and technical gobbledygook into layperson language, in a format that business people could understand for their day-to-day application of their logo. Thus, Logo Mechanics was born. The phrase actually has a double meaning – it’s both the mechanics of how logos work, as well as the term used for people who fix broken logos. Both apply here. We’ll help you utilize your brand assets in common, everyday applications by giving you the info you’ll need. If your logo is broken or you need professional digital assets created, we can do that too.

We are after all, The Logo Mechanics.

Logo Mechanics

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