The Logo Mechanics

Logo Repair, Cleanup & Digital Brand Asset Management

Logo Repair, Design & Cleanup

You need pristine files in order to manage any brand. Our logo repair service can help – from full logo cleanup to creating all the digital assets you’ll ever need.

Digital Asset Management

From using your logo on websites & social media, to having it printed professionally on business cards, to creating your own internal artwork with office software.

Files & Format Resources

Everything you’ll need to know about logo files for web, print & office use. Technical explanations of .JPG, .PNG, .EPS and other formats, with easy to understand information.

lo·go me·chan·ics. 1. Noun. The branch of mechanics that deals with the technical application of logos and brand identities into marketing media, using professional formats, concepts and universal design standards.

2. Noun. Plural. People who fix and repair logos.